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PO Box 309
Toulon IL 61483-0309
P: 309-286-5901
F: 309-286-4441
Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday (Closed Holidays)

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Stark County Treasurer & Collector
Paula K Leezer


ALL delinquent installment payments are subject to the finance charge indicated on the remittance stub.

Important Dates:
June 9, 2017: Real Estate Tax 1st Installment Due
September 9, 2017: Real Estate Tax 2nd Installment Due
October 26, 2017: Tax Sale

Treasurer’s Forms
Real Estate Tax Sale Form

Duties of the Treasurer
The Office of the County Treasurer serves dual functions as treasurer and as collector of County funds. The County Treasurer has the responsibility to receive, invest, and safely keep the tax revenues and other public monies of the County. The Treasurer disburses County revenues as authorized by law or by the County Board. The County Treasurer prepares bills and receipts for the purpose of tax collection. The Treasurer collects tax revenues for all taxing districts within the County. The County Treasurer sends out approximately 6,000 property tax bills each year and collects nearly $10,000,000, which is distributed to 49 taxing districts. Annual tax bills are customarily mailed in early May and are due in June and in September.

Tax Bill Payments
Tax bills have two stubs on the bottom for the first installment and the second installment, which include the due dates for each installment. Tax bill payments must be accompanied by the proper payment stub. Tax bill payments may be made in person at the County Collector’s office during regular office hours, by mail (payable to Stark County Collector) (DO NOT SEND CASH), in the drop-box behind the courthouse, and at participating banks located in Toulon, Wyoming, Bradford, Speer. Payments made after the second due date must be directed to the County Collector’s Office, banks will not accept late payments. Payment is void if check fails to clear and a charge of $20.00 will be added for all returned checks. Illinois law provides that all taxes not paid by due date shall have interest added at the rate of 1½% per month or part of month, until paid. The County Treasurer must report on the status of delinquent property taxes in local newspapers. Advertising costs at the rate of $10.00 per parcel will be added after publication of delinquent taxes. If tax remains unpaid, application will then be made to the County Circuit Court for judgment and order of sale against the property. The annual sale for delinquent tax bills occurs in late October or early November.