Circuit Clerk

PO Box 426, 130 West Main
Toulon, IL 61483
Phone (309) 286-5941
Fax (309) 286-4039
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday – Friday

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Julie Kenney
Circuit Clerk
Julie was elected Circuit Clerk November 8, 2016. Previously she was Chief Deputy since 1998.

Susan Mowers
Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk
Susan has acted as Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk since 2016. She was previously Deputy Clerk since 2003.

Katelyn Rumbold
Deputy Circuit Clerk
Katelyn has acted as Deputy Circuit Clerk since March 2017.
We are happy to announce that you can now use E-Plea to plea and pay on your tickets in Stark County! You may use your Credit or Debit Card to transmit your payment. Please click the link below to access E-Pay and E-Plea.
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You may also find other relevant information on including:
•Litigant info
•Criminal charges, dispositions and sentences
•Civil judgments
•Fines and fees ordered, balances paid, and payment details
•Hearing dates
•Case minutes

The office of the Circuit Clerk keeps the records of court cases. These records include:

Civil cases–law suit, foreclosure, divorce, paternity
Criminal cases–felonies, misdemeanors
Traffic, ordinance, conservation violations
Probate–wills, estates
(birth, death, and marriage records are found in the County Clerk’s office)
While most files are public record, some cases are impounded–not for public view–adoption, juvenile, mental health.

This office summons jurors for Grand and Petit Jury.

Jurors are randomly selected by computer, based on information received from voter registration, the IL Secretary of State, including IL Identification Cards, IL Disabled Person Identification Cards, and the IL Dept. of Employment Security.

When chosen, you will receive a Jury Summons and Questionnaire via the US Mail.

Please remember that the Circuit Clerk cannot dispense legal advice.

It always best to consult an attorney for any legal matter, however, if you wish to do some work on your own, the following websites have information and forms:

The following forms have been approved for use by the Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice and are required to be accepted in all Illinois courts.

The attorneys with office hours in Stark County are:

Stuart P. Borden
113 E. Williams St., PO Box 130
Wyoming, IL 61491

Scott W. Borden
113 E. Williams St., PO Box 130
Wyoming, IL 61491

David Cover
107 W. Main St.
Toulon, IL 61483

Bruce P. Fehrenbacher
101 W. Williams St., PO Box 186
Wyoming, IL 61491

Anne C. Rennick
120 E. Williams St., PO Box 90
Wyoming, IL 61491

Robert H. Rennick, Sr.
117-119 W. Court St., PO Box 430
Toulon, IL 61483

Robert H. Rennick, Jr.
117-119 Court St., PO Box 430
Toulon, IL 61483