Assessment Office/Zoning and 911 Addressing

130 W. Main St.
P.O. Box 386
Toulon, IL 61483

P-(309) 286-7172 & (309) 286-7404 (zoning)
Cell # if out of office- (309) 238-7400

Renee Johnson-
Karmella Reining- 

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 Our office will be closed Thursday November 28th and Friday November 29 in observation of Thanksgiving.


Stark County Courthouse

The public is always welcome to visit the Stark County Supervisor of Assessments Office weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or to call us at (309)286-7172, in order to take advantage of the many services our office has to offer.

Our office is responsible for determining the market value of properties in the county for the purpose of taxation. There are approximately 6,000 parcels in Stark County. We can answer questions regarding assessments, sales of property, property ownership, building permits, zoning, GIS or Aerial mapping.

The office maintains a listing of all property owners and their addresses and makes changes to the listing whenever a deed is recorded in the County Recorder’s office. The Real Estate Transfer Declarations that are recorded in the Recorder’s office are the primary source of sales data, which is used in determining the market value of properties in Stark County.

Property Tax Exemptions are also maintained within the Assessment office. Applications for all exemptions are available in our office. We provide assistance in filling out these forms if needed.


Property tax exemptions available:

General Homestead Exemption
(Commonly called “Owner Occupied”)

Senior Homestead Exemption
(Age 65 and over)

Senior Freeze Homestead Exemption
(Age 65 and over, income under $55,000)

Home Improvement Exemption
(Exempts increase in value due to improvements of a residence for 4 years. (Examples: garage, deck, addition, etc.))

Disabled Persons Exemption
(Requires certification of disability)

Returning Veteran’s Exemption
( One time exemption for returning veterans)

All exemptions require an annual renewal, except the General Homestead Exemption.



  1. Instructs the township assessors
  2. Prepares and maintains tax maps as well as up to date lists of property owner’s names, addresses, and property record cards for all real estate in the county.
  3. Serves as Clerk of the Board of Review
  4. Can revise assessment made by township assessor
  5. Grant Exemptions.

Zoning Information

130 West Main
(309) 286-7404
Toulon, IL 61483
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Zoning Officer
Renee Johnson

Fee Schedule

Special Use Permit of Map Amendment (rezoning)…………………..$250.00
Text Amendment……………….$250.00

Building permits must be obtained form the zoning Administrator.
Building permit fees shall apply as follows:

Single family/or multiple family dwelling (Living Area)…….$0.10/sq.ft
Minimum of $150.00

Single Family/or multiple family addition alteration
(Living Area) $0.10/sq.ft
Minimum of $75.00

(Including addition/alteration/accessory structure)
Minimum of $250.00

Accessory Building
(Garage attached or detached,shed,ploe barn,porch,deck) $0.05/sq.ft
Minimum of $50.00

Communication Towers $25.00/ft.
(Measured from top of tower to top of foundation)

Tower Addition/alteration $1,200.00
(Permit fee to add equipment to an existing tower)

If construction starts be fore a building permit is issued,the fee will be increased by fifty percent(50%),and in accordance with Article XIV, Section 141.04

In addition to the above fees,the applicant shall reimburse the County for all costs of publication,prior to the date of hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Stark County Zoning and Planning Department is responsible for regulating construction activities in the county. This means if a property owner wants to build any type of structure within the county,this department should be contacted before the project begins to be certain all regulations are met.

The County Board of Supervisors adopted zoning regulation in 1969 for the purpose of promoting the pubic health,safety,morals,comfort and general welfare,conserving the values of property throughout the county. Zoning regulates the uses allowed on land and the location of improvements on the land.

Construction Permits are required before any construction starts. If a structure is started prior to getting a building permit there could be a fine.

Zoning Board of Appeals:
The Zoning Board of Appeals is a five member citizen board organized under the zoning ordinance to hear several types of zoning issues. These include:

1. Request for changes in zoning classification;
2. Permission for certain uses under zoning named as “special uses” in the zoning ordinance.
3. Request for relief from specific requirements of the zoning ordinance through variance requests;
4. Appeal of a determination made by the Zoning Administrator.


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